Friday, April 21, 2017

Midnight Magpie: Are You On The Guest List?

Midnight Magpie: Are You On The Guest List?: Hiya everyone! The answer to my post title is yes, you are on The Guest List , since I am cordially inviting you to visit this delightful ev...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

    Yesterday someone contacted me and asked me where she could find a mesh pair of Jeans that were nice enough to impress but also relaxed enough to fit in at an outdoor picnic.  Every store we tried, the "jeans" were too nice.  So, just where does an upscale girl go to buy "designer" knock arounds?

     I happened upon two stores that I had not been to before.  Lemoncity and siss boom. (lm below)  Both set on a lovely winterized sim with plenty of picture op spots.  The beautiful castle, featured in my first pic is Lemoncity, and the rustic yet elegant store is Siss Boom.  

     In a day and age when a lot of designers are not using "original" mesh, we fashion connoisseurs have to pay attention to the textures.  Original Textures is the new "CHIC"!



Friday, December 5, 2014

I found Uber and The Deck!!

So there I was minding my own business, with my pot of Lindens intact, when along came a notice for this necklace at a super nice price.  I contemplated buying this lovely item for almost a full second before dashing off to location so I could scoop it up.  
Lovely isn't it?  Well, I did not have on this spectacular two piece ribbed skirt set when I first arrived.  I spied it in a store as I walked around this really cool shopping area built on a high up deck above rolling waters, called "Uber".  And it is a totally UBER!!shopping experience!  This outfit is sold in separate items so you can choose to pair a monochrome look, like I did, or mix colors for a nice color-blocked outfit.  I decided to pick out a lighter shade Jacket to compliment my look.  But, then I picked up a creme colored top, so I could wear a color blocked look as an alternative.

I then followed a LM that was given to me by one of the shops along the pier.  That LM lead me to "the DECK".   I recognized it immediately!  This area was used for one of the fashion fairs last year, or at least the fair was modeled after it.  Maybe I happened up it, and thought it was part of the fair.  UGH.  

I finished off my shopping finds with a selfie photoshoot showing off my new look.  By the end of the day I spent more then I what the heck, I purchased this chaise as well!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Today my shopping travels brought me the Original Amsterdam Sim, est.2004 by some very talented sl™ builders. 

"Amsterdam, the earth’s most stimulating city has been captured in Second Life with incredibly well-worked details making it an authentic digital treasure for you to explore. Amsterdam’s air of freedom and tolerance placed visitors between museums, architectural relics, virtual streetwalkers and all kinds of sex-related activities. So, when visiting Amsterdam, open your mind to the unexpected, virtual sex, escort service are all in the menu"  (copied from the group's charter)

In RL Amsterdam, so named for the dams built over of the river Amstel, making the city possible, is the capital of and the most populous city within the Kingdom of the NetherlandsWidely known for it's designated area for legalized prostitution aptly named the red-light district. It is called this because of the one-room apartments rented by sex "workers" who offer their services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights.  This neighborhood has become a famous attraction for tourists.  

And then there is the shopping!! Amsterdam's high-end shops are found in the streets located in the vicinity of the Vondelpark, one of the many beautiful parks found in this beautiful city.  Shops in Amsterdam range from large department stores, such as De Bijenkorf founded in 1870 and Maison de Bonneterie a Parisian style store founded in 1889, to small specialty shops.  Amsterdam's high-end shops and the Red Light District are all connected by Amsterdam's canal system which you travel by boat.   (in SL™ you get to be the Skipper!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Liziaah Boutique

Liziaah Boutique   

I happened upon this designer at the Avenue Fashion Week, and I haven't been able to stop buying up her items since!  Jewelry.  Shoes. Dresses, Pantsuits, shoes, gowns, Suit Jackets with matching mini skirts. Oh, did I say Shoes? 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fashion Shows

Sunday, December 8, at noon slt.  We entered the large ballroom filled with cozy sitting areas for four or more, and sat among friends.  On the Stage a beautiful woman greeted the audience, dressed in one of the designer's gorgeous form fitting gowns, with gold inlay and empire skirt cutouts, accentuating her dainty curves. 
Eleya Kenin, Show Hostess

Cat Sahara
Cat Sahara
Brigid Merman


Nimrae Arendil aka irina strazytski

Nimrae Arendil 

Nyree Soulstar
In the audience, I first noticed Zuri Rayna, of Jewelry by Zuri, sitting among us, attempting to blend in but her sl tag shown a spotlight on her.  And then I began to notice the host of fashonistas all gathered to watch this lovely presentation by "   " models.